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Thinking locally, Acting Locally

HBS Trend Watch 


Hashbrown Systems Trend Watch is the first of our monthly feature that scout for emerging trends in the digital world, worldwide. 

About Hashbrown Systems

Hashbrown Systems private limited is an Indian company that serves the Indian market. Even though we serve clients in the United States through our old network, our products and services are geared towards local needs. We are not a cut copy paste enterprise and we actually understand that the ways of doing business and the overall general outlook of both the clients and their intended user present are fundamentally contrasting to say the least.

To be able to bring out a new technology for the Indian consumer first, it becomes a very long road to find one who would adapt and pay for it.  There is never a dearth of funds but always a dearth of understanding of new products and their application for the general user. But these are general laments and having said that, India is and will be the most dynamic and challenging market for few more decades to come. It will also present us with the most growth. 

Localization is the new kid in town

We say kid, because the pace of localization in India lags behind their Asian counterparts when it comes to preferring local products to either cheaper imports that were not tailored for Indian consumers or Western imports that were not tailored for Indian consumers. But over the last two decades Indian consumers have come a long way from being the stepchild of manufacturers and service providers to one such market that can make or break a brand e.g. Nokia. Nokia would have been long dead and cremated with Samsung and LG enjoying the barbecue over the pyre if not for the love shown by Indian consumer to Nokia.

Today, an Indian consumer expects to be paid more than a mere lip service. The brands that understand them better would have direct and easy access to their pockets and votes (yeah that too). Every consumer has expectation, be it soda-pop drinker, the farmer in a village without electricity who is entitled to some social program, an IT industry client who will no longer accept an ERP that was developed for his counterpart in West Virginia.

These expectations are a direct consequence of increased spending power and like they say in English – money makes the mare go.

Buying local is a bit more than patriotism and pride. Even though those two are very signification components for a consumer to make a decision. One has to understand that after sales, comes after-sales service and to manage that efficiently a brand needs to ensure availability of parts, personnel and provisions to cater to the local market. A local brand would always have an upper brand and a company would have to invest heavily into localization.

Case Study – Vikaspedia

Vikaspedia is an online information guide launched by the Government of India. It is a portal built for the social sector and is currently in five languages and will be upgraded to 22, alongside software-tools for Internet-based content development in local languages. Some of the information on Vikaspedia had to be paid for and in few cases practically inaccessible for the common man. Now it is a click of the button away and if we knew Indian market, more than fifty percent of people accessing this resource would do it on their hand-held and in a language other than English.

At the end of the day, customers would folk to whosoever understand their lifestyle, aspirations, needs and wants. It could be Samsung and it could be Micromax.

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