Outdoor Media Monitoring Solution. Part I - the Hot Water

outdoor media advertisiment monitoring

Hashbrown Systems’ Outdoor Media Monitoring Solution

Part Uno – the hot water

Content writing is a serious business but that has nothing to do with Outdoor Media Monitoring. I say that because I am supposed to write about it and put it across in a concise, condensed and crisp language.

Without further ado, outdoor advertisement can arguably be called the oldest form of advertisement that predates, newspapers, television, radio or Internet. It is also the medium that is perhaps the most tedious to manage. A newspaper ad, a radio or a TV spot can mostly be controlled at one location.  The quality of the product ascertained and it is presented to the world. There is hardly any local resource involved. The TV channel owner does not have to worry about the color, font or graphics of the billboard in the far corners of the country.  

Let me take a step back and take you through a delicate tour of the whole process.

Here are the key people involved in an outdoor advertising and marketing campaign

1.     The client – the king, the god, the almighty, the provider, above all the owner of the brand.

2.     The media owner – the person/company/organization that owns the billboard space, the bus sides, etc. The area where the ad would appear.

3.     The advertising agency – the one that brings the two together, design the advertisements, creates a plan, presents a plan, gets the plan approved and make the campaign live.

Sometimes an outdoor media campaign runs in conjunction with Tv/radio/Internet ads, sometimes it is run independently but at both times, there is an issue of credibility when it comes to outdoor media monitoring.

With credibility I mean – ‘making sure’. Making sure that the billboards were put up as asked, in the correct proportions, using the right colors, at the right time, at the right locations. The agency wants to make sure that everything was done accordingly, the client wants to make sure that he is getting what he is paid for.

For example a biscuit/cookie brand that is being promoted in over 50 towns on eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar would require over five hundred billboards spread across different public spaces. This is to be made sure

1.     The billboards are installed in the timely manner.

2.     The billboards are not damaged during the course of ‘display’.

3.     The billboard is at the determined locations.

A happy client is the one who knows he is getting what he has paid for and then some

.....to be concluded


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