Out of Home Media Monitoring System. Part II – The solution

Hashbrown Systems’ Outdoor Media Monitoring Solution

Out of Home Media Monitoring System

Part II – The solution


Without further ado, well at least as much ado I can avoid at this time, let me present you with the world’s only and completely managed and integrated outdoor media monitoring system.

The OOH Media Monitoring System developed and deployed by Hashbrown Systems comprises of following three components

1.       Enterprise Mobile Application

2.       Monitoring Suite – an ERP that lets you define roles, manage data, companies, brands, vendors and field team

3.       Client Interface – Password restricted interface for your clients to view ongoing campaigns in real time. It also ensures compliance and verification.

To know more about our Out-of-Home Media Monitoring System – check this link -- http://hashbrown.in/OOHMonitoring

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