Serving the Next Billion - PART I

The Privilege and pain of serving the new India.

Serving the Next Billion

PART I – The Privilege and the Pain 

Hashbrown Systems is an Indian software company. I stress upon the Indian-ness of us primarily because we understand Indian ethos. Not only do we understand the Indian consumer, who not unlike his non-Indian counterpart desires the best at the lowest minimum cost, only cheaper. We understand the Indian businessman, who strives to serve his customer while he looses sleep over the regulations that are in all likelihood: a bureaucrat’s ‘dream come true’.

Hashbrown Systems is an Indian software company that gets India.  India will welcome a billion more Internet consumers in the coming years. Majority of them would use a mobile phone to experience Internet for the first time.  Millions of them would not use Mastercard, VISA or American Express to make their first online purchase but RuPay. Indian consumer would experience the web in its most developed form yet. 

Indian consumer is in a privileged position. We, at Hashbrown Systems, are in a privileged position, because these are extraordinary times for the Indian consumer and these are extraordinary times for us. We have build ourselves top-down, bottom-up into an organization that understands the ways of dong business in India, that understands the Indian customer and his requirements, that understands the hurdles faced by Indian businessmen in serving his customer to the best of his ability.

Indian businessman is in a privileged position. India has an amazing demography where more than 65% of population is below the age of 35 and by 2020; the average age of an Indian would be 29, compared to 37 and 48 for China and Japan respectively.  A new stable pro-growth government and a surging GDP growth, more consumers are joining the Indian market than ever before.  

Hashbrown Systems enables you to connect with your consumer, we offer tailor made B2B solutions for the traders, wholesalers, HORECA Industry, Online Cash and Carry outlets, monitoring solutions for outdoor advertising industry, et al. Every product was developed through a process that was probably as painful as giving birth. We had to understand rules and regulations that do not exist where the programming languages were invented. Business practices that do not follow a standard set of rules and pattern, as many payment methods as number of customers and trust issues that require implementation of technology to be addressed.

At Hasbrown Systems we have the technology, the engineers and the real world experience to enable you to serve your customer effectively, efficiently and profitably. 

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