Serving the Next Billion - PART 3

The Myth of Numbers

Serving the Next Billion – Part 3

The myth of numbers


A report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International predicts that India will overtake the US as the second-largest Internet user base in the world by December 2014.

That is a big number. That is a big number when you compare to all the other numbers thrown about India. India has more extreme poor than the continent of Africa. Over X% of families do not have proper sanitation and among those who have proper toilets, Y% do not flush. Well, you know where I am going with this. Hence, in India we take all numbers with the proverbial pinch of salt.

So what does it mean to have the second-largest Internet user base in the world? Does that mean you have 300 million Indians make online purchases? Does that mean a surge in expenditure on Internet and digital marketing? For India even a smaller percentage makes for a big number.

Consider this, as per International Telecommunications Union just over one percent of Indians have broadband Internet connectivity. That broadband is defined, as speed of 512kbps is another half of the story.  That small one percent is little over 13million broadband subscribers, a number that is poised to grow rapidly in the future.

Effectively a country a size of India has as many broadband subscribers as Italy.

And they are Not Homogeneous

All said and done, Indian market is not homogenous. Indian market is for all practical purposes i.e. clothing habits, eating habits, travelling habits, et al is not one but sum total of many markets. To succeed you have to localize and then localize again.  It would be a fallacy to simply copy paste existing successful products from the west and introduce them to India in local packaging. It will never take off. Does not matter if you spend billions of dollars doling out free rides something that Uber and Ola are doing. When it comes to actually making a payment for a ride, you will find the consumer behaving in different manners across different regions. 

In India you must create relationships that is where the commerce occurs and you must create communications, which is where the transaction takes place.

The big Indian numbers mean very little without understanding the Indian market. India does not reside in the cities, and India definitely does not reside in the few big metros. India is indeed a country of contradictions and so is her market.


Our Shtick

Hashbrown Systems Pvt. Ltd is dedicated to serving the Indian market. We understand that the cut-copy-paste method of modifying foreign products would not be efficient for Indian consumers and instead we did the groundwork, we toiled and we tailored our products to the Indian consumer.

We primarily facilitate introduction of Information Technology for small and medium business organizations. We tailor products and train the team and create efficiencies in their business process.


The numbers mean zilch when doing business in India. India is not one but sum total of many markets and is poised to remain so and the technology must cater to the existing market and not wait for the market to change.

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