Welcome to archPRO.

A real estate estate sales and marketing application

archPRO is the one and only real estate application in the market that gives the buyer a complete layout and design of the property at the tip of his fingers.It is equipped with real time push technology that provides constant construction updates, price trends and images.

Real Time Walkthrough

The application features real time walkthrough of the properties. The model is scaled and features real colors, textures and interiors, as provided by the developer. The user can feel the property come alive on his screen.

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Amazing Compatibility.

The application is compatible across various devices, operating systems and screen-sizes. This ensures that no matter what operating system user is interested in, you are able to reach him.

Competitive Edge .

The application lets you connect with your consumer like no other, the application makes it easy for the buyer to make an informed decision. With Radio, Television, Website and Billboards, all sounding the same, the app provides you with a clear competitive edge.

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