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# Web Design & Development

Hashbrown Systems has recently introduced new range of affordable website design and development solutions for businesses that want to explore the new opportunities that the world wide web offers.
Hashbrown Systems takes special interest in making technology not only affordable but also meaningful to the next the next generation of internet users. We offer bespoke solutions that begin from websites, internet marketing limited to specific area and field of operations, and cross platform, cloud based solutions to manage sales and ordering.

#Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Hashbrown Systems offer enterprise application development to create efficiency in an existing operational system. We have been working with small to medium corporate houses that book turnover of over 100cr+. We bring the same technology and expertise to smaller enterprise.
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# e-commerce / marketplace

Hashbrown Systems develops scalable e-commerce solutions for various businesses. We offer a complete suite of customized software that manages sales, orders, vendors and in some cases personnel.

We have worked exclusively with MSMEs and large scale industrial, service and marketing companies. We stand in a good stead when it comes understand business and business management in a developing economy and/or a developing business.

Real Time Messaging

Hashbrown Systems is not your run of a mill kind of software company. We have built some wonderful products and solutions and we are very adept at cross connectivity and real time messaging and chatting solution.
Browze, developed by Hashbrown Systems is an amazing piece of hard work, ingenuity and technology.
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Hashbrown Systems work with a range of startups. We offer various set of solutions, from building a complete product, as in case of Referlocals, to creating prototypes that provide insights, test market and also help teams raise funds before committing themselves to the whole idea.
Prototyping also helps in keeping development cycle more manageable and more efficient. We have discussed software prototyping in more details over here.

Content Marketing

Hashbrown Systems has a wonderful team of personnel that create meaningful content for various products and services across different platforms. Our team is drawn from people who write on the following blogs and website – Meradesh.Org,,,, and among others.
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Internet marketing – Search Engine Optimization & PPC Management

As part of our emerging business suite we offer internet marketing services that gives maximum return on investment on advertising. Internet marketing is hugely efficient form of marketing. It is also the most affordable and the most manageable.

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Location Aware Solutions

HHashbrown Systems has built two major products that employs location data to create enterprise solutions – OOH Monitoring Application and Sales Executive Tracking Systems, besides browze – which is for users to create anything that requires variance of time and location.
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